Various Artists current window work

Various Artists

Left to right, top to bottom

Neil Frazer Cirque, $5,000
Joanna Braithwaite Win/lose situation #3, $1,750
Jeff Thomson Water tank, $2,900
Geoff Dixon Pareidolic song ..., $7,500
Chris O'Doherty aka Reg Mombassa Death by plastic, Albatross carcass, $2,200
Brendan O'Brien Life of dust, $1,650
Noel McKenna Man in light blue suit, $700
Greg Johns Song of the blackbird, $450
Aaron Waghorn Untitled, $750
Chris O'Doherty aka Reg Mombassa Reading a book after the fire, $650
Ans Westra Pohutukawa grove ..., $4,500
Louise Purvis Writer's house, $2,150
Jeff Thomson Communication, $950
Euan Macleod Dog park study 1, $2,600
Telly Tu'u Medulla, $1,200
Joanna Braithwaite Sticky beak #5, $1,750
Jeff Thomson Float 2 (study), $2,200
Marian Maguire Nike takes flight from victory, $2,600