2 to 22 December 2019

Wrapped os an exhibition of small works made by artists who are identified only by the wrapping – what's inside remains a mystery until you open it for your pleasure. This is our last exhibition for 2019.
1Shona Rapira Davies$1,800
2Aaron Waghorn$450
3Peter Hannken (edition of 2, unframed $250)$450
4Brendan O'Brien$350
5aSimon Ogden$520
5bSimon Ogden$520
5cSimon Ogden$520
6Gregory O'Brien$150
7Noel McKenna$300
8Sam Duckor-Jones (7 pieces)$750
9Joanna Braithwaite$850
11Rachael Weeber$300
12aKathy Barry$350
12bKathy Barry$350
13Chris O'Doherty $950
14Greg Johns$150
15Jeff Thomson$550
16Maiangi Waitai$300
17Marian Maguire$500
18Anya Sinclair$750
19Euan Macleod$600
20Natchez Hudson$450
21aKerrie Hughes$120
21bKerrie Hughes$75
22Geoff Dixon$450